Glycerin coils : Safe or not

The bongs with glycerin coils are a magical invention for the smokers because of the cooling factor it serves. The exact purpose gets done by the use of ice; however, the ice may not last long and will also take a long time to get freeze. The other problem with the usage of ice is after melting, and it may splash back into the mouth while inhaling the smoke through the neck of the bong.

The glycerin coils are part of a bong that can get frozen easily and quickly. It is used as a replacement for the conventional ice method to cool down the hot smoke coming from the bong. The glycerin coils are placed in the neck of the bong or can be bought pre-attached bong, which works the same as the ice will do.

Is glycerin coil safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the glycerin coil because the liquid never interacts directly with us; the fluid is trapped inside the glass, which is fitted into the neck of the bong. This could be the answer to why use glycerin coils. The glycerin coil is good because there is no water splashback because when it melts, it will still be in the glass, which will also prevent any allergy.

Steps to smoke correctly

In this section, we will see the correct smoking process through a bong.Firstly, fill the bong’s base with water at room temperature or cold water if available. The water must be filled to the level where the percolator tops get submerged in it. Secondly, use a glycerin coil for making the smoke cool; you must allow the coil to get freeze by putting it in the freezer for at least 1 hour before using it to make it last longer. Grind the herb you want to smoke, then fill the bowl with it, and you must grind the weed correctly so that it will not clog the bowl; if it gets stuck in the percolators, then it will ruin the function of the bong.

Now, light the herb using a lighter, and use your lung’s power to make the bong smoke longer and bigger by inhaling it for more time. However, if the bong is of good quality, it will not take much power to inhale the fullest of the smoke. Lastly, clean the bowl after lighting up so that it won’t get stuck. Also, consider changing the water which was used last.

Last words

Smoking weed in a limited amount can be helpful in stressful situations, but if you are not smoking it in a controllable manner, you may suffer harmful side effects. We have also mentioned the reason why use a glycerin coil instead of ice in a bong while smoking with the help of it.